National day in favor of eradicating Chagas disease

Argentina has established that annually, every last Friday of August is “Chagas day”. It was appointed within the standards of the Chagas National Program and its 2011-2016 plans to eliminate this problematic entirely, with the need to inform each social class on prevention methods in order to reduce the mortality rates caused by the disease.

The date was chosen due to the fact that it is during this period of the year that most rates of infection are registered, since the combination of the vinchuca reproduction season (insect that transmits the disease) together with population density growth, creates an increased probability in the number of people infected.

Hence, the initiative promotes the community’s participation towards creating an integrated approach from the scientific, sanitary, and scholar spheres so that conscience is generated on the issue.

This year emphasis will be made on methods of prevention related to “congenital chagas”, this is, the form of transmission where the pregnant mother transmits it to her son/daughter during pregnancy. Actions will be taken in order to aid detection in this population target, such as testing pregnant women, newborns from infected mothers, kids, adolescents and women found in their fertile age.

Within this frame then, the National Program will support the provincial ones by producing diverse activities related to prevention and promotion of health in several neighborhoods, schools, communities, health centers and ONGs; and providing educative material to inform the community.