The Professional Practices arrived to Laboratorios Richmond

With the objective of contributing to the professional growth of young people and helping them to integrate into the working world successfully, Laboratorios Richmond adhered to the program that the Municipality of Pilar carries out with students, teachers and authorities of the Technical Schools.

This training program promotes students' skills, knowledge and values for the development of the next talent generation for the company.

Professional Practices were designed to guide young people to consolidate, integrate and expand the skills and knowledge that correspond to the professional profile in which they are being formed. It addresses the problems presented in the work circuit to which the students are integrated. They are developed within our establishments and include visits to our plant, distribution centers and offices.

We share the images of our two encounters with students and teachers at Pilar Technical School No. 1.

Alumnos de 6° Año de la Escuela Técnica N°1

Visita a la Planta de Pilar

Entrenando a los estudiantes

Enseñando el funcionamiento de los equipos

Autoridades del municipio y docentes