Laboratorios Richmond was present through its President, Marcelo Figueiras in the first edition of Forbes Healthcare Argentina held on May 10 at the Sheraton Convention Center in Buenos Aires. The event convened public officials, among them, the Ministers of Health of the Nation,

Adolfo Rubinstein and of the City of Buenos Aires, Ana M. Bou Pérez, businessmen and experts from the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and researchers. Issues related to the direction of the sector and efforts to ensure quality care that combines scientific support, health effectiveness and economic sustainability were discussed.

In his speech on the panel dedicated to the "shift from the pharmaceutical market to biologics," Figueiras said that "the key word in the health industry today is: accessibility, that is, that more people can access the medicines they need."

As an example, he quoted: "The difference for a patient between a miraculous cure that was not yet discovered and another that was discovered but is inaccesible, is almost null."

Therefore, Figueiras enumerated what is needed to achieve accessibility: "Further development of the National industry and sanitary sovereignty. Obtaining productive scale at the regional level. Respect for intellectual property for true innovations with inventive height and industrial application. No to unjustified monopolies via barriers of entry for protection of test data, or prohibition of interchangeability of biosimilars, or excessive clinical studies that contradict any standard of bioethics. Not to the evergreening of pharmaceutical products."