Quality Policy

One of the main pillars of pharmaceutical product manufacturing is the Quality Policy implemented at Laboratorios Richmond.

Therefore, a strict Quality Policy was implemented as corporate policy. This policy arises at the development of each one of our pharmaceutical products through our service of guidance and counseling to our clients, including the attention to the concerns of the patients.

Both in the development and in the manufacturing of our pharmaceutical products, we observe the strictest international regulations in force, and the quality risk management is which guarantees the safety and efficacy of all our products. This pharmacologic safety policy is complemented with Phase IV clinical studies, with the tracking of our products on the market and pharmacovigilance activities. Our bioequivalence studies also are an important pillar for the quality of our products. We also have participate in several inter-laboratory programs to check the performance of our work.

Commitment to Quality Policy and Environment

Laboratorios Richmond’s compromise with Quality and Environmental Protection is based on the following:

We commit ourselves to accomplishing the quality specifications we’ve developed over the years so that our products are secure and effective, by keeping a strict control over our processes and suppliers. In the same way, we ensure this commitment transcends to all instances in our chain of production, meeting current sanitary and environmental standards.

Our primary objective is to maintain a fluid conversation with our clients and other interested parts, in order to anticipate their needs and being able to permanently improve our level of service.

We are part of a team highly committed with the Quality and Environmental Management System, which is why we train our people and are trained back.

We are committed to control our processes to make them more efficient, to anticipate our problems, and to minimize residue and carbon emission. Our objective is to improve the quality of our processes with the minimum environmental impact as possible.

Our efforts are aimed at benefiting the community we interact with and taking care of the environment in which we develop our daily activities.

We commit ourselves to establishing, quantifying and revising periodically our environmental and quality goals and objectives, in order to measure our performance regularly.


Juan Manuel Artola
Executive Director
Laboratorios Richmond S.A.C.I.F. 
Buenos Aires, January 19th 2016


ISO 9001-2008 Standards

ISO, International Standard Organization, under the ISO 9000 Standards, sets the requirements to be met by a company for the implementation of a "Quality Management System".

In accordance with these standards, IRAM certifies that Laboratorios Richmond has a Quality Management System that complies with IRAM-ISO 9001:2008 standards, as established by Certificate Number N° 9000-751, whose scope is:

Design and development, procurement of materials, manufacturing of medical specialties in solid dosage forms (tablets, coated tablets, capsules), primary packaging in bottles for non-sterile liquid dosage forms, in all cases without lactam or cytostatic or hormone active ingredients.
Design and development, procurement of materials, manufacturing management, secondary conditioning, logistics and sale of medical specialties.

Moreover, said certification is valid internationally under registration number AR-QS-751 issued by IQNET (The International Certification Network). 
Every year the Laboratory is subjected to an audit monitored by the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification IRAM and every three years the Laboratory renews the certificate granted by that entity. Laboratorios Richmond has recertificated ISO Standard 9001-2008 in 2016.

Other Certifications




GMP Syria (MOH)

GMP Tunisia (MSP)

GMP Yemen (MPHP)



Since 2008. Renewable every 2 years. Last inspection in 2014.

Since 2010.

Since 2010.

Since 2013.

Since 2015. Renewable every 3 years.