Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

We share a vision of a world where health is not a privilege. Therefore, we would like to make our contribution to improve, protect and care for human life.

Our Mission

Become a competitive, flexible and technologically innovative pharmaceutical company with a sustainable growth in both the domestic and the international markets. 

Develop a working team highly committed to offer products of high excellence and quality. 

Contribute to the development of our community by working responsibly and profitably.

Our Values

We make up a work team for whom healthcare goes before business.

Our commitment to quality and service enhances the welfare of patients and provides ease to healthcare professionals and institutions.

Our professional and individual development goes hand in hand with the development of our company, which also contributes to the improvement of our community.

Our profit arises from activities that benefit the society.

We are proud of what we do. Despite our changes to improve, our values remain unchanged.